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Join the sports community that’s
been crossing the globe since 1979.


Golden Oldies is built around the spirit of
Fun, Friendship and Fraternity.


Friendships made in sport are both endearing and enduring. The Golden Oldies Movement provides the perfect opportunity to retain and grow those bonds.

At Golden Oldies you can keep playing your favourite sport after reaching 35 years of age in a way that gives absolute enjoyment on and off the field, court, pitch or course. You can stay active and participate without bumps, bruises, aches and pains of serious competition, but at the same time play to the best of your ability and enjoy it!


We get-together every two years.


The biennial Golden Oldies World Festivals offer the opportunity for over 35-year-olds to visit remarkable destinations in a way no ordinary tourist can! Each Festival provides a week of sport and associated activities and functions - where you can catch up and meet with friends and fellow sports lovers from around the globe. Everything is arranged to create spectacularly memorable occasions. While each Festival is acclaimed to be the ‘best yet’ you can be sure that the next one will be even better!

It’s a family, it’s a place where you belong, no matter what your age is.
— Nancy Stewart, Australia
You’ll meet so many great people and have such a wonderful time.
— Barry Richards, South Africa
The game day experience and all the warm hospitality extended to us was exceptional.
— Marc Pellerin, Canada
It’s all about the friendships you make and the good spirit on and off the pitch.
— Sarah Nelson, New Zealand
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